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About Brazil Potash

Brazil Potash is a fertilizer company focused on developing a world-class scale potash basin in the state of Amazonas to become a key domestic supplier to Brazil’s booming agriculture sector. The Autazes deposit is located ~120 km southeast of the city of Manaus near the city of Autazes in a deforested area currently used for low density cattle farming.

As the world’s population continues to grow and there is less arable land available per person, Brazil’s agriculture productivity will only grow in its strategic importance to global food supply. Potash is an essential nutrient to grow food and therefore a key ingredient in Brazil’s ongoing agriculture success. When crops are harvested, nutrients are removed from the soil. Potash helps to make the soil healthy and productive and having a major new domestic source of this fertilizer located on existing shipping routes will in turn help to make Brazil healthy and productive.

Brazil is the world’s second largest and fastest growing potash market, but 95% of its needs are imported from mines located 13,000 to 20,000 kilometers away. By bringing the Autazes deposit into production, Brazil Potash will substantially reduce the country’s reliance on potash imports while enhancing food security, increasing crop yields and improving supply chain management for Brazilian farmers.

Brazil Potash will create thousands of jobs for local people, providing stable and secure sources of income in an impoverished region. Construction of a 165km long electrical transmission line will connect over 100,000 people in the region who are largely dependent on diesel generated power to the national electricity grid. The local municipality will benefit from increased tax revenues, which will result in improved schools, water quality, roads and healthcare services while the country as a whole will have an improved trade balance by reducing its dependence on this key import.

Board of Directors

David Argyle

MBA – Executive Co-Chairman
Experienced in fertilizer production and marketing. Over 25 years experience in establishing successful operations in Australia, East Asia and South America. Based in Brazil, David focuses on potash sales and marketing.

Stan Bharti

P.Eng – Executive Co-Chairman
Over 30 years of experience in operations, public markets and finance. Over the last ten years Stan has been involved in acquiring, restructuring and financing resource companies.

Andrew Pullar

Independent Director
Managing Partner of Sentient Equity Partners. Experienced investor in mining as Portfolio Manager and Analyst. Previously held engineering and production roles with DeBeers and Gold Fields in South Africa.

Hon. Pierre Pettigrew

Independent Director
Former Senior Cabinet Minister of the Government of Canada, served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Health and Minister of International Trade.

Carmel Daniele

B.Ec, LLM – Independent Director
Founder of CD Capital. Over 20 years of mining investment experience.

Matt Simpson

P.Eng, MBA – Director
Former General Manager of Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore Company of Canada responsible for ~US$300 Mpa budget to move 70MTpa material. Worked for Hatch designing and constructing metallurgical refineries globally.

Management Team

Matt Simpson

P.Eng, MBA – Chief Executive Officer
Former General Manager of Rio Tinto’s Iron Ore Company of Canada responsible for ~US$300 Mpa budget to move 70MTpa material. Worked for Hatch designing and constructing metallurgical refineries globally.

Helio Diniz

Managing Director, Brazil Operations
Over 30 years Brazil experience with advanced projects and mine development, including major discovery in the Amazonas region for Falconbridge.

David Gower

P.Geo – President, Director
Former Global Head of Nickel Exploration for Falconbridge. Numerous discoveries were made under his leadership, particularly in Brazil. Involved in deep mine development to depths of over 1,500m.

Ryan Ptolemy

CGA, CFA – Chief Financial Officer
Former independent investment dealer in Toronto responsible for financial reporting, auditing, budgeting and internal controls.

Guilherme Jacome

Project Director
Former General Manager of global projects for Vale. Experience includes management of several Brazil based greenfield and brownfield projects including expansion of Vale’s underground Potash Mine in Brazil.

Marcos Pedrini

Vice President Potash Sales
Extensive hands on experience selling and arranging delivery of potash in Brazil based on his +35 years of experience, primarily with Vale where he retired as General Manager Agriculture Sales.

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